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up Parent Directory 26-Aug-2019 16:59 - directory humblebundle 26-Aug-2019 16:59 - unknown Automate The Boring Stuff with Python.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:46 14532k unknown Clean Code In Python.pdf 26-Aug-2019 16:59 2304k unknown Data Visualization with Python & Js.pdf 02-Apr-2019 18:55 38812k unknown Doing Math With Python.pdf 02-Apr-2019 18:55 6816k unknown Invent your own computer games with Python.pdf 02-Apr-2019 18:55 12052k unknown Python Crash Course.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:49 5512k unknown Python Data Science.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:51 21800k unknown Python Para Todos.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:46 1244k unknown Python Playground.pdf 02-Apr-2019 18:55 12096k unknown Python Web Scraping.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:51 7244k unknown Python for Data Analysis.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:48 14444k unknown Python for Kids.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:49 13724k unknown Tutorial A Secas.pdf 01-Apr-2019 22:42 904k

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